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Politics (Push Me, Pull You, Syracuse, KS)Politics, Detail   (Push Me, Pull You, Syracuse, KS)IROT (Graffitied Locomotive, Eureka CA), 8x24LOCK (Graffitied Locomotive, Eureka CA), 8x24XMOK (Graffitied Locomotive, Eureka CA), 8x24TSW (Graffitied Locomotive, Eureka CA), 8x24CAUST (Graffitied Locomotive, Eureka CA), 8x24Pioneer Telephone Association Building, Coolidge, KansasLaying In A Bathtub, Holding A Toaster (Fowler Municipal Pool, Fowler, CO)The La Junta Mill & Elevator Co., La Junta, COHartman Post Office, Hartman, COHartman Hardware & Groceries, Hartman, COFireworks Stand, Syracuse, KSSolome, AZMemorial To PepperwoodGrand ViewHugo Municipal Pool, Hugo, CO'Come In', Wild Horse, COLaudromat, Eads, CoOpen AM To PM