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Angel Island Fire, with 'The Maltese Falcon' (Horizontal)Angel Island Fire, with 'The Maltese Falcon (Vertical)Sailboat At DawnMarina At DawnView From 'The Pines' (vintage frame)The City and Sailboat, From Spinnaker PointPelicans, Setting OffCass' Marina'Patience' At Paradise BayBaby On BoardCypress In Fog, From Spinnaker PointHerring Fishing (vintage frame)Looking Down BridgewayStudy 1 (Sailboat, In Fog)Study 2 (Boat On Boat, In Fog)Study 3 (Low Tide, In Fog)Study 4 (Pelican Harbour, In Fog)Detail From HouseboatSwede's Beach and Old Town, SausalitoOld Town, Sausalito